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Water Project

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

We have finally managed to get the stand made for the water tank at Honde Valley but all work has come to a standstill as we await funding to sink a borehole, lay pipes and connect the supply to the home. Currently the residents have to walk quite a way to outside showers and ablution block. Some of the elderly are blind and many infirm. The outside showers are literally four walls with no roof and a bucket. The well that they currently source their water from is very low and they survive by getting help from a nearby school who supply water in containers when they can.

Two of the residents suffer from Leprosy and their condition is made worse by not being able to keep up with their hygiene.

The following supplies need to be purchased to complete this water project :

(Distance from residence 600m)

Borehole pump

pvc pipes 100x6mx25mm

1x25mm polypipe tee

6x25mm pvc elbows

4x25mm pvc vsp

20x15mm gi elbows

4x15mm gi tee

6x15mm stop cock

3x15mm brass tap or bibcock

7x6mx15mm gi pipes

10x25mm pvc pipes

2x500ml solvent cement

20 rolls thread

River sand



Renovation of 3 buildings

Old Storeroom into office and bedroom for Administrator and Matron


16 AC/corrugated/IBR roof sheets x 3.2metres

2 x 115 right hand door frames

1 x exterior door complete with 3 lever lock

1 x interior door complete with 3 lever lock

3 x FC2H window frames

5 x Timber 114 x 30 x 6.8 m

5 x Timber 114 x 30 x 5 m

8 x Timber 75 x 40 x 7.2 m

Glazing for to suit 3FC2H window frames

2) Kitchen and dining area


2 x FC2H Window frames

1 x 115 door frame

1x exterior door complete with 3 lever lock

1x stainless steel kitchen sink

1 x kitchen sink tap

20 x Japan shelving brackets

10 x 12 mm boards 300mm wide x 3m long

Glazing for 2 Fc2H windows

2 burner industrial gas cooker(2 x 19kg gas bottles )

Gas fridge/freezer

Kitchen utensils(pots ,pans , metal plates , mugs, cutlery)

x 6 seater Formica Tables and chairs for dining room

3 ) Dormitory


8 x FE1H window frames

4 x cisterns

4 x toilet pans

4 x basins (including tap)

4 x shower stop cocks

4 x long stem shower roses

4 x 115 door frames

4 x interior doors complete with 2 lever locks

Shower curtain rails x 4 complete with rod holders

Exterior PVA Grey 130l

Interior Gloss white 150l

Solar panels for basic lighting

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