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The Community Action Trust (C.A.T.) is carrying out important work to improve the lives of the vulnerable elderly and their extended families in Zimbabwe. Our commitment to providing various essential services, such as healthcare, mobility aids, old age home improvements, education, and access to food and prescribed medication, as a non-profit organisation registered with the charities commission in the UK, is one of dedication and concern for the welfare of the community. Ensuring access to healthcare, food, and education are fundamental rights, and our efforts to provide charity

events to raise funds for  medical assistance and food aid are paramount to the sustainability of our projects. Moreover, providing mobility aids to help individuals with disabilities get around and making old age homes more comfortable for the residents are vital steps toward creating an inclusive, dignified  and caring environment for all our beneficiaries. Our organisation's work has made a significant positive impact on the lives of many people in Zimbabwe. To continue this valuable work,  we welcome support from donors and volunteers.

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