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The Cherished Child

Compassionate Care

for Children with Special Needs

Support vulnerable Children in Need with C.A.T.

The Cherished Child

Every child deserves a chance to play, learn, and thrive.


January 2024, saw the addition of the C.A.T (Community Action Trust) Cherished Child initiative. A new chapter and addition to the 8 years of accomplishments of Community Action Trust, in service to a diverse, global, universal community of family, friends, and citizens.

The Cherished Child community are in need of holistic support that requires an enormous team effort of volunteer and full-time members as well as Corporate and Social Support. An effort that is efficient, professional and integrated.


The diversity of needs can only be provided by way of the widest range of health, nutrition, psychosocial and other essential as well as critical support structures and equipment required.

Neuro and physical complications and/or injuries face more challenges of social and integrative support, than any other segment of society.

More voices are needed to speak out and be in active service. Become Life and Change Champions.

Become a voice for the voiceless.


We desire to;

● Change someone’s life with new Chances, coupled with healthy, wholesome Choices, that create life-impacting Change.

● We desperately need the involvement of other like-minded people and organisations, to make an impact and change lives in a meaningful and long lasting way.

● Care that Sees the Unique Child Within & giving Children with Additional needs  the tools they need to reach their full potential.

● Mobility and Independence: Wheelchairs, walkers, gait trainers, and adaptive strollers to help children explore their world with confidence.

● Comfort and Care: Specialist shoes for proper foot health, hygiene aids for daily living, and comfortable bedding for restful sleep.

●Learning Through Play: Sensory toys can help foster development and exploration, and books that promote inclusivity and celebrate differences.

Helping Children Thrive:

Essential Products for Special Needs

With your support, we can:

● Lighten the burden: Alleviate the financial strain on families facing the additional costs of raising a child with special needs.

● Empower potential: Foster independence, learning, and a sense of well-being in these deserving children.

● Create a brighter future: Help children with special needs reach their full potential and experience the joy of childhood.


To donate click on the donate button below:


£20 can buy a food hamper for a child for 2 weeks

£30 can buy a sensory toy that helps a child develop motor skills

£50 Can assist with all of the above plus. Transportation, shipping e.t.c  of all mobility aids, beds, diapers, medication etc .


Every contribution, big or small, gets us closer to ensuring all children have the resources they need to thrive.

Together, we can create a world where every child has the opportunity to flourish.

Together we can make a Difference,

Together we are Stronger.

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Together We Are Stronger!

We Need Your Support Today!

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