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Our Project Focus

Vulnerable elderly

One of the less well-known effects of Zimbabwe's social, economic, and political collapse is the plight of the elderly. In Zimbabwe, there are no traditional safety nets for retirement. There is no such thing as a state pension, and private pensions have frequently doubled in value to nothing. The decline of informal social safety nets, which provided financial assistance and support from community and extended family members, presents an even greater challenge. Changes in family structures and dwindling social networks present additional difficulties. The informal system of social protection has historically been successful in helping the most vulnerable people and elderly parents receive the majority of support. This support network has become increasingly important due to rising urbanization, migration, and the after effects of COVID.

Food Donations

Community Action Trust provide a basic food hamper to their beneficiaries once a month. The cost of these hampers has become increasingly dear as products are purchased in South Africa as this proves more cost effective even with the costs of transport due to the continuous devaluation of the countries local currency ..Beneficiaries look forward to these and twice a year “Easier and Christmas) we try and make the hampers a little more special with a few treats and luxuries. We are appealing to farmers and produce growers alike to assist us with providing fresh vegetables where they can once a month.

Mobility Aids

It is our intention to send a container (20 foot) twice a year filled with as many mobility aids as possible. We have a wonderful network of helpers and donors alike who source good pre-loved aids in the UK that include wheel chairs, walkers, crutches, commodes etc. These are well received in Zimbabwe and much needed.

Charity Events

Community Action Trust hold our annual Jamboree in the UK once a year and recently have added the CAT Golf tournament to our events calendar. The team in Zimbabwe held a Mother’s day event in 2023 that was a huge success and will also be added to the list. Our fundraising events are the mainstay of the charity until we receive favourable responses to our grant applications. One problem we do find though running our smaller charity event – lies in finding sponsors to support us. Larger organisations in particular simply aren’t interested in participating in small, independently-run charity events; they often have their own fundraising drives to run as it is. While they’ll usually be willing to accept donations, getting them to provide direct support is a sometimes-impossible task. We persevere .

Construction and Renovations

Our mandate is to assist centres that fall under the radar so to speak. The forgotten old age homes especially in the rural areas. We embarked on a refurbishing project of Rhodes Jubilee Cottages in Barham Green Bulawayo in 2021. The home had not seen any fundamental changes to its lounge, dining room and bathrooms in over 5 decades. 2021 also saw CAT providing Honde Valley Old age home with a 5000 litre water tank and running water after 30 years of collecting water from a now depleted well. The home is still in need of major reconstruction and refurbishment but we have placed this on the back burner until funds permit.

The Cherished Child


January 2024, saw the addition of the C.A.T (Community Action Trust) Cherished Child initiative. A new chapter and addition to the 8 years of accomplishments of Community Action Trust, in service to a diverse, global, universal community of family, friends, and citizens. The Cherished Child community are in need of holistic support that requires an enormous team effort of volunteer and full-time members as well as Corporate and Social Support. An effort that is efficient, professional and integrated.

Together We Are Stronger!

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