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About Us

Community Action Trust UK was registered officially in 2019 to assist in taking care of vulnerable and in need folk in Zimbabwe.

The Community Action Trust UK (C.A.T) which is registered with the Charities Commission in England exists to fund and monitor projects that focus on the development of disadvantaged, vulnerable, neglected and abused elderly citizens residing in communities around Zimbabwe. Whether the neglect is social, psychological or physical, we at C.A.T aspire to make a difference in improving the lives and well-being of community individuals. C.A.T is also registered in Zimbabwe and currently assists with groceries, medication and clothes for:

  • ​Rhodes Jubilee Cottages, Block B Barham Green Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

  • Zororai Old age Home Mutare, Zimbabwe.

  • Honde Valley Old Age Home, Zimbabwe.

  • Vulnerable elderly and their extended families in all national provinces throughout Zimbabwe.

We focus on those who are desperately in need of assistance and resources to help the elderly and in some cases extended families sustain decent livelihoods, given the current economic climate in Zimbabwe.

We all know that the need is great and most times feel completely overwhelmed by requests for assistance but are great believers in the old adage “If many do even a little, much can be achieved “.

Community Action Trust or C.A.T. as we call it, was fundamentally established to assist in the alleviation of poverty, as well as build resilience against social ills facing the elderly such as neglect and abuse. This includes advancing health needs and supporting those facing difficult circumstances, be it a consequence of age, disability, maltreatment or financial hardship.

The boards running both Trusts have between them over 6 decades of experience in philanthropy and the successful running of centres that have catered for many less privileged individuals and families. We pride ourselves at our love and passion for the work needed, accountability, transparency and the need to get the work done. Our motto is “Together We Are Stronger “

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To ensure no vulnerable elderly resident goes without food, water and medical care in Zimbabwe. 

Our Mission

To create a society where no vulnerable elderly Zimbabwean faces any kind of poverty. 

Our Vision

Together We Are Stronger!

We Need Your Support Today!

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