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Scrubs and PEE delivered to Zimbabwe.

Team CAT UK is so grateful to our team In Zim. Without them we would be a very hollow vessel. It's all good us in the UK collecting stuff and sending it, receiving donations and sending funds to Zim, but some body or somebodies have to make sure all is accounted for on the receiving end, registers kept, accounts kept, vulnerable folks treated with dignity and respect no matter their colour or creed, and all donations reach their intended purpose. It's a very different ball game in Zim with a non existent currency that's a "currency", covid lockdown , no medical facilities in many areas , and poverty levels now at an all time high, but our Zim team soldier on.. In these pics CAT Zim team member Durell Adams covers some serious mileage collecting and delivering . Here he is delivering scrubs and PPE from CAT UK to Fatima Clinic ,St Lukes hospital and Braeside Clinic.

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