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It's Love that makes the world go round.

Updated: Mar 25

Calling on all the kind people we are so proud to have on board to share this journey with us. I have recently been contacted by a lovely young lady in Zimbabwe who has an amazing blessing in her life. Her special needs son. Now this message is not about them but rather that because I have come to know her we have shared so much about the wonderful journey these parents and their children embark on, my heart was stirred and I was in awe of the dedication and immense devotion they have. The love shared is immense. Where am I going with this? She belongs to a group of mums who all share the same desire to give their special little people a chance at a normal as can be, fulfilled life. However, this is not so easy in Zimbabwe. They are asking that we please keep them in mind when collecting wheelchairs etc. This was not our normal remit but as we have recently added this to our Charities Commission remit it is now not a problem. So... Things needed. (We will keep the list small and focused) Please remember it's not always a "Physical Need". Educational stimuli are also needed.

  1. Children's wheel chairs

  2. Children's crutches

  3. Sensory Toys ( Please look these up if you are not sure )

  4. Children's diapers

  5. Wipes, bibs, and linen

  6. Positioning aids.(See pic)

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