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Honde Valley Old Age home

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

CAT Executive/Board of Trustees commence the next half of our charity year and we will be focusing on the Honde Valley Old Age home in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. This will encompass a water project/sanitation and self sustainability projects .

We have already put up a 5000 litre water tank, connected running water from a clinic close by and will now be looking at the following to be carried out one item at a time as funds permit from fundraising and/or grants that we are currently applying for :

  1. Sinking of a Borehole (Currently in talks with kindly folk in Mutare who will be guiding us re sinking of the borehole).

  2. Solar Pump system.

  3. Plumbing from tank into the home.

  4. Bathroom Facilities improvement thereof . (They currently use a blair toilet and showers quite a distance from the premises-three are blind).

  5. Septic Tank.

  6. Solar geyser.

  7. Kitchen garden to make home more self sustainable.

  8. Chicken project to make home more self sustainable George Galloway Chairman Community Action Trust.

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