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Helping them become more mobile

The hard work of distribution has begun in Zimbabwe, following the delivery of our container sent in September. Thank you Martin for sorting this and Daphne our National team leader for beginning the unenviable task of packing and labelling to send stuff out around the country. To the teams in Zimbabwe who deliver and make sure everything gets to where it is meant to be going THANK YOU.

In these pictures two very happy recipients one in Harare and the other in Mutare expressed their profound gratitude as Eugene D'Almeida (Cuz) received a near new replacement wheelchair for the not so new one we gave him 18 months ago. He says he is even "MORE CHUFFED".

Mr Knight in Mutare expresses much appreciation for his walker which will make his mobility that much easier. Thank you to all who donated these mobility aids . "Together we are stronger "

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