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Updated: Mar 25

So here's the situation. We need to send a container later this year filled with mobility aids, medical equipment etc. We can collect stuff in the UK no problem!. But how do we pay for the shipping? We know there are a few CONSTANT and much appreciated supporters on our Facebook page , but are appealing to the rest . The other 1990 of the 2000 plus members.

If each pledged £5/$5 we could send 2 containers a year and have change??? Please let's not be selective in our good works. Judgements, colour, creed, religion, have no place or space when a genuine need is there, or a genuine helping heart and hands are at work.

Let's work together as a community of "Serving Warriors.

Do you have a spare FIVER? Pledge it here please . Let's partner where we can.

"Together we are stronger".

Please donate here :

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