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Thank you Eleanore...

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The board of Trustees, committee and all who have had the pleasure of working alongside her extend our immense gratitude to Mrs Eleanore Carlsson. She has been part of Community Action Trust Gweru Zimbabwe from the get go. For the past 6 years she has worked tirelessly kindly assisted by her son David Carlsson Jnr to pack and deliver basics groceries to our beneficiaries in Gweru. At 81 years young she is truly the epitome of someone who walks the talk. Unfortunately ill health (sciatica) causes her to finally bow out gracefully from assisting any further. Best friend to my late sister Beryl they thrived on making a difference to those less fortunate than ourselves in a humble and unsung way...

Mrs Eleanore Carlsson please know we will miss you terribly but we will always be in touch.

Love you muchly.

The Gweru CAT chapter will now be run by Fenella Matulich (Gweru could really do with some more hands on deck. Please contact Fenella Matulich if you can help in any way )

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