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Still going strong...

Happy birthday to us at Community .Action .Trust ... 6 years on. Still going strong! Community Action Trust is proudly celebrating its 6th anniversary this year. Despite the challenges faced over the past years, ( and there have been many ) we have remained steadfast in our commitment to serve and answer God's call. Each month, the teams in Zimbabwe diligently deliver essential groceries and prescribed medication to vulnerable elderly individuals as well as mobility aids and where we can adult diapers often times using their own resources and sacrificing precious family time. .

We have recently established the Cherished Child program to support children with special needs. Additionally, the Cherished Child team has "adopted" a children's ward in Bulawayo, catering to 36 children with severe mental and physical challenges, and 70 more children are awaiting approval pending fundraising.

We continue with our annual events, which now include Mother's Day, Father's Day, and a Jamboree in Zimbabwe. We are in awe of our Zimbabwean teams who, despite the hardships they face in Zimbabwe , manage to come together to successfully host these events. This year, the UK is hosting a fundraising golf day ( 13th July), with the plan of a Black Tie event to close the year.

Our gratitude also goes out to all who respond to our campaigns and our small band of loyal donors who, without fail, support us come rain or shine. Considering we will now be supporting more than 200 families EVERY month we certainly have our work cut out for us.

This month we will be sending out a container to Zimbabwe filled to the brim with wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, mattresses, exercise bicycles, specialised equipment for the 36 children as they require a different kind of support wheel chair, medical equipment etc. Again thank you to all who rallied around us to help raise the funds to send this container. It took a while but we got there in the end.

Our basic feeding program will now amount to close to £2300 PER MONTH (this includes transport from S.A and in and around Zim) as well as urgent supplies for some who are not yet on our books ) with our medical bill sitting @ £350 per month sometimes more if there is an urgent need. I am sure you are able to work out our annual bill and considering we receive no help from grants or other major sources we truly need to give ourselves a pat on the back for soldiering on and loving what we do.

A huge thank you to the pharmacy in Bulawayo who are so amazing. They provide all our prescribed medication mostly at cost and even 50% off for the more expensive ones. We could not continue our medical program without them. To the stalwarts who have been with CAT from the get-go Daphne Sanders(Zim),Miranda Farera (Mutare)and Sumayya Peterson (Trustee UK) you are much appreciated and loved. To the amazing teams on the ground, our Board of Trustees, loyal supporters , the teams who continue to serve without the need for accolades and in many cases we never see or hear .. they JUST DO!

We thank you. "Together we are Stronger " - (Tracey J Bell )

(Community Action Trust -Registered charity Charities Commission UK 1183951

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