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Lest we forget..

Updated: Oct 6, 2023


Dear Son,

I want to know why I died like a poor woman when I have a son like you. My son, I wanted to bless you before I die, but now I have gone with my blessings.

My breakfast, my lunch and my dinner was one of my challenges when I was alive, but you spent money to cook all types of foods, meats and serve different types of drinks on my burial day.

My son, you chose to oil my dead body with costly fragrance when I was using groundnut oil as my favourite lotion.

You dressed my corpse with an expensive cloth when it was difficult to buy a piece of fabric for me.

When my corpse was in the mortuary you came to check on me from time to time, you cared more about my corpse than me when I was alive why?

The most painful thing is the expensive coffin you put my corpse into when I lived in an uncompleted house while alive.

When you were young I sacrificed and starved for you to eat and be satisfied, I wore one dress in order to provide enough clothes for you. I thought you would take care of me when I grew old.

You completed the house, painted it and cleaned the compound in one week just to celebrate my corpse.

Now you write a tribute to me saying "Mama, I love you so much rest in peace" - When I died with a broken heart.

Finally, my son, I write this to remind you that there is no other person that loves a child like a mother.

May God forgive you."

This was shared so we can Wage War against "befitting burials", to encourage befitting livelihoods.

Take absolute care of your parents whilst they are still alive."Author unknown"

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