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From Roots to Wings

In lands far and wide, we've spread our wings, From humble roots, we chased our dreams. In diaspora's embrace, we've found our place, But let us not forget our roots, our grace.

From the soil where we first took flight, To the stars that guide us through the night, Our journey's been a testament to might, From meager beginnings to shining light.

In distant lands, we've sowed our seeds, Built bridges of hope, fulfilled our needs. But as we thrive, let's not lose sight, Of the lands where we first saw the light.

Remember the faces, the stories untold, Those who still struggle, in the bitter cold. For we are the branches of a sturdy tree, Rooted in love, in community.

Give back, my friends, with hearts aglow, To the places where our stories grow. From our roots, let the blessings flow, In unity, our strength will surely show.

So let us inspire, let us ignite, The flames of change, the call to unite. In diaspora's embrace, our roots we'll embrace, And together, we'll make Zimbabwe a better place.

By: Felicity Spain #love #support #givingback #donate

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