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Container on it's way to Zimbabwe.

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

It was a very busy day on the 20th August 2023 in Luton. Thank you vice chairman George Galloway ,his lovely wife Bev and their son in law Marion (who thought he was just dropping stuff off lol) for all your hard work, Our administrator Makah Gu, my other half, patron Nick Beer, and the 2 drivers who were just amazing. Martin Slater and your friend Hershelle Petersen thank you again. I have no idea how they fitted all that stuff into that truck. we kept saying "no way anymore is going in" Makah kept telling me to have faith... lol... Truly remarkable.

Thank you to all who donated. We pray a safe shipping journey over the container, donations and an easy, hassle free clearance once it all arrives in Zimbabwe. (Please note we will not be collecting anything in the foreseeable future , but will let you know when we commence again )

Thank you everyone for your generosity. - T.J. Bell -Founder / Chair / Trustee

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