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CAT GOLF day 2023

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Saturday 8th July 2023 was a busy day for Team CAT. Well done George and Judy for holding the fort at our annual Golf Tournament. A huge thank you to all the golfers who turned up from as far afield as Manchester and Leicester and had a "hard day of golf" in really atrocious weather.. It wouldn't have been made possible though without the sponsorship from Different Strokes Golf society . Bobbie Douglas Lyle Fisher et al. we thank you. Well done to all the winners on the day. WE look forward to seeing you all next year

Individual competition:

Winner: Farouque Choudhury

Runner up: Amos Mataba

3rd place: Habib Mahomed

4th place: Eugene Peillis

5th Place: Denzil DeSouza

Team competition for CAT Inter-Society Trophy

Winners: Different Strokes (previous years winners)

Runner up: The Green Keepers 2 (TGK2)

3rd place: JUGS

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