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C.A.T Annual Golf Day

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

We are pleased to announce our upcoming Annual CAT Golf Tournament which will be taking place on 16 July 2022 at Stockwood Park Golf Centre, Luton. The event will see the return of the individual tournament, as well as the inaugural inter-society tournament where we have secured participation from nine golf societies, including: Different Strokes, JUGS, ZGS, Bushwackers, M4 Fairway, Hackers & Guzzlers, Zambezi Sharks, ZAGA and Evington Boys. Together we will be playing to raise much needed funds to further assist those in need back home. Our beneficiaries will receive assistance in the form of food packages and medical supplies, amongst other things. We'd like to thank the participating individuals and golf societies, and all those contributing through their services and sponsorship. We value your contribution and are looking forward to a great day.

Together we are stronger.

George Galloway ( Chairman Community Action Trust )

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