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ART for C.A.T

A few years ago I began to take my painting seriously. As a self-taught artist I took a while to gain enough confidence to put myself out there. It still takes a lot even now. I have been blessed with so many wonderfully encouraging friends though. Many of whom are such talented artists in their own right. Sometimes I create something that makes me go wow I DID that! and sometimes I go mmmm I did THAT ! hehehe. Recently though there has been a marked improvement and more celebrations than commisserations. Having sold a piece or pieces at all exhibitions bar one that I have attended has filled me firstly with gratitude to the almighty for his grace and favour and secondly to all those who can see something in what it is I set out to achieve. I am further blessed with the fact that I do NOT do this for a living but rather to pay forward by making a donation to Community Action Trust from the proceeds of all works that are sold. Win win for me. Next month 7 March I will open my home for 3 days to the community around the area and hope to be able to move a few more . There's only so much wall space in a home ! Wish me well !

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